In addition to funding, here are some free resources for schools to use to conduct YED activities for students.


Inside this e-kit, you will find information for you to conduct YED activities.

Educational Resource Materials

YED Social Media Content


Asian Mum Tinggkat (Reducing Disposables)

Semakau Landfill (Reducing Disposables)

Every family has a dustbin (Food Waste Reduction)

Photo Album

How domestic waste is disposed of in SG (Reducing Disposables)

Let’s save the earth and go for a zero waste lifestyle!! (Reducing Disposables)

My mum always tells me that tip #5 is important (Reducing Disposables)

5 Tips on How to Reduce Disposables! (Reducing Disposables)

5 tips to a zero waste lifestyle! (Reducing Disposables)

Disposables vs Reusables users be like.... (Reducing Disposables)

Everyone is a boss until they meet The Greenman (Reducing Disposables & Food Waste Reduction)

SGAG Pamela (Food Waste Reduction)

SGAG Vanessa (Food Waste Reduction)

SGAG Calvin (Food Waste Reduction)

Desmond Tan (Food Waste Reduction)

Kimberly Wang (Food Waste Reduction)

SGAG Nadia (Reducing Disposables)

SGAG Fauzi (Reducing Disposables)

SGAG Sean (Reducing Disposables)

Benjamin Kheng (Reducing Disposables)

Benjamin Kheng 2 (Food Waste Reduction)

Joanne Peh (Reducing Disposables)

Joanne Peh Post 2 (Reducing Disposables)

Desmond Tan (Reducing Disposables)

Kimberly Wang (Reducing Disposables)



“Zero Waste Essentials our Environment Minister Can’t Live Without” (Reducing Disposables & Food Waste Reduction)

VulcanPost Tries Going Green For a Week (Reducing Disposables)

Struggle with Food Waste in Singapore (Food Waste Reduction) 

5 Fun ways to Recycle Wasted Food


Singaporeans generate a lot of food waste every year. I’m one of them. (Food Waste Reduction)

8 unique reusable food containers under $12 with functions you never knew you needed (Reducing Disposables)

8 Ways To Make Full Use Of Your Groceries While Homecooking So You Don’t Waste Food (Food Waste Reduction)