This year's campaign aims to raise cleanliness and hygiene standards of public toilets by entrenching good toilet habits as a social norm. With the slogan "Are you nice when no one is around?", the campaign draws parallels to practising acts of kindness without reward and recognition and nudges people to be more aware of their actions behind the closed doors of the toilet cubicle.

To be truly nice, is to do the nice things even when no one’s around.

Let’s be socially responsible in keeping public toilets clean and pleasant for the next user, as clean public toilets play an important role in contributing to good public health and hygiene. 

Practise the four clean toilet actions (Clean, Flush, Dry and Bin) each time you use the toilet!

  • Keep the toilet seats clean
  • Flush toilet fully
  • Keep the floor dry
  • Bin litter properly 
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