Environmental Education Advisors

Newly appointed as the teacher-in-charge for your school’s environmental programmes? Fret not, NEA is here to guide you and build your expertise in leading environmental outreach projects in your school.

Join NEA’s network of Environmental Education Advisors (EEAs)

NEA has built a network of Environmental Education Advisors (EEAs) as a robust network of teachers who plan, coordinate and implement environment programmes for their school students and staff as well as serve as the contact point between NEA and the schools.

EEAs serve as a bridge to educate the young on environmental messages and issues. EEAs are assisted in the development of environment programmes for their schools by student Environment Champions. EEAs also provide feedback to NEA on the programmes that NEA organises for schools and students.

Outstanding EEAs who have contributed to the environment are eligible for NEA’s EcoFriend Award.

EEA Workshops

NEA organises two capacity-building workshops annually for EEAs. The one-day EEA Workshop aims to equip EEAs with Motivational Design and Environmental Project Management Skills so that they can help identify, spearhead and initiate environmental programmes in their schools and explore possible environmental concerns within the neighborhood and develop solutions to the issues.

After the workshop, EEAs should be able to

  • Learn how to lead the environmental activities and events in school
  • Ability to identify and implement values-based environmental programmes within their school and community
  • Be part of the network to share and communicate their environmental activities and ideas
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as the environmental representatives for their school, and the benefits to their school

EEAs are also aided with the Environment Fund for Schools (EFS) to help fund their environmental programmes in schools.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Jeremy Ong   
Email: Jeremy_ONG@nea.gov.sg

Ms Sherilyn Ho
Email: Sherilyn_HO@nea.gov.sg