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Bloobin Character Guide 
Publicity Materials
School Engagement Activity Guides

Bloobin Character Guide

For use of Bloobin, please contact:

Bloobin Character Guide  Bloobin Character Guide
Click here for full guide

Publicity Materials

For all intents and purposes, final application/usage of any materials must go through an approval process conducted by NEA, which can take up to 10 working days.

For additional enquiries or requests for approval, please contact:

Treat Bloobin Better Poster [Click to view full image.] 
Treat Bloobin Better - RGB
Educational Poster
(in 4 languages)
[Click on the links and images below to view full image.]
English and Malay
   Chinese and Tamil
Lunar New Year Poster
(in 4 languages)
[Click on the links and images below to view full image.]
English and Malay
Chinese and Tamil

A5 Info Visual [Click on the images below to view full image.]
NEA_Chute Sticker RGB_Recyclables

NEA_Chute Sticker RGB_General Waste
 Flattening Cardboard Boxes [Click to view full image]

A4 Poster
Electronic Direct Mailer [Click to view full image]

Segregated Recycling Poster for Organisations/Entities (Consolidated)

[Click to view full image]
Segregated Recycling Posters for Organisations/Entities (such as malls)  [Click to view full image]


Segregated Recycling Posters for Organisations/Entities (such as offices)  [Click to view full image]


'Have you seen Bloobin' Video Bloobin Video Thumbnail 02
In English: Link here 

A 30-second video is available in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Please contact for use of the video.
'Treat Bloobin Better' Video  Main tn
View video here.
Bloobin Sticker 
(for printing)
[Click to view full image]

Version 1: 

Version 2: 

Bloobin Sticker Pack 2022_Final
Bloobin Digital Stickers Available on:
• Instagram Stories: Simply search for ‘Bloobin’ under the GIF stickers function to start using them for your Instagram Stories!

School Engagement Activity Guides

Pre-School & Lower Primary Activity Guide
(Suitable for ages 4 to 8)

Cover Activity Book RGB-01
Click here for Activity Book 1
Click here for Activity Book 2
Upper Primary Interactive Comic Book Bloobin Comic
Click here for Comic Book
Upper Primary, Secondary & Junior College Activity Guide
(Suitable for ages 9 to 18)
NEA_RecycleRight UppPri to JC Guide

Click here for full guide

‘Trash Overflow’ AR Card Game
(Suitable for ages 13 and above)

 AR Card Game
Click here or contact for more info.