Hear From Our Survivors

Behind every survivor lies a story of their ordeal. Hear from our survivors below and don't take dengue lightly! All it takes is a mosquito bite for dengue to hit you with a hard blow.

If you are a dengue survivor, we encourage you to share your story on social media with the tag #BLOCKDengue to alert others of the dangers of dengue. 

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Verlane Kho, 21

“Dengue covered my whole body in rashes, and my skin was sore to the touch!

On top of rashes, I also had chronic headaches and high fever, which peaked at 42 degrees Celsius. The worst part was feeling so sick yet needing to drag myself to the polyclinic to get my blood tests done daily for a week, and there being not much medication to aid my symptoms other than pain killers.

All I could do was lie in bed and hope it would get over soon. It was literally hell for that whole week. I could not wait for the entire ordeal to be over.”

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Alvin Mah, 39

"Dengue made me suffer from high on-and-off fever, terrible bone aches, and painful eyes.

I could be fine one moment, and the fever would be back minutes later. I felt very, very weak constantly.”

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Tan Rou Ying, 19

“Dengue gave me swollen eyes, blotchy rashes and high fever. At one point, my fever went up to 44 degrees celsius.

It felt very scary because I could no longer feel the pain and my body seemed to be giving up."

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Neel Chhaya, 35

“I had dengue twice and experienced similar symptoms on both occasions. Dengue left me sore, feverish and tremendously weak.

The worst symptom I had was the constant throbbing in my head and eyes.


I struggled with fluid retention which led to severe dehydration and an excruciating bout of kidney stone. It made me feel really miserable.”

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Tng Weiting, 34

“My blood platelet count was exceptionally low because of dengue.

I had to go for blood tests for 2 consecutive weeks, causing bruises on my arm!

I also had a high fever and body aches.”

6. Beatrice Chiang

Beatrice Chiang, 30

“Dengue resulted in me being warded and placed on IV drip for 7 days.

During my hospital stay, I experienced body aches, high fever, rashes all over my body, frequent bouts of vomiting, and swollen feet.

I also had to do blood tests to ensure that my white blood cell count did not drop to dangerously low levels. ”

7. Sazwandy Bin Samawi (Wan)

Sazwandy Bin Samawai, 29

“Dengue gave me high on-and-off fever, pain in my eyes, headaches, body aches, and skin rashes.

The most uncomfortable part were the body aches, which seemed to worsen every time I tried to move. I could barely sleep at night.

It took me quite some time to recover from dengue. Some aftereffects I experienced include body aches, loss of appetite and mild rashes."
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Qiqi, 39

“Dengue made my skin peel and develop dark red patches. It also gave me high fever, pain in my eyes, body aches and liver inflammation.

I felt very weak to the point that I couldn’t walk and was breathless.

I was warded for 6 days to monitor my platelet count and low blood pressure.

Even upon discharge from hospital, I had to continue to lie in bed for another week due to post-recovery fatigue, rashes and swollen limbs.”

9. Matthaeus Choo

Matthaeus Choo, 27

“Dengue struck me down a second time with constant pain, high fever, splitting headaches and aching bones!

I was completely bedridden and in too much pain to sleep or eat.

I was warded immediately upon discovering that my platelet count was dangerously low. As this meant that I was a fall risk, I couldn’t go to the toilet or walk around. Even after recovering from dengue, I continued to suffer from nausea for weeks.”
10. Mahani Binte Rawi


“Dengue caused my 62-year-old mother to experience colour blindness, migraines, bone aches, nausea, weight loss and fatigue.

She felt so weak that she could not even get up to go to the toilet.”

*Dengue symptoms vary for individuals and some may experience rare conditions such as colour blindness.

11. Daryl Chng

Daryl Chng, 34

“Dengue had me hospitalised for four days. I had high fever, extreme fatigue and terrible headaches.

Even after my recovery, I felt constantly tired and had problems with my liver. I could not resume my regular sporting activities for some time.”