Reducing Food Wastage

Reducing Food Wastage

Food is a labour of love. And it is shown by the farmers who work tirelessly, the hawkers who cook from dawn to dusk, our loved ones who thoughtfully prepare our meals, and the organisations who try to ensure everyone has food to eat. 

However, food isn’t always appreciated and valued. 

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Let’s be more mindful of food wastage by buying and ordering only what we can finish.

Learn and practise the tips in this Handy guide to reduce food wastage. This will also help Singapore move towards a Zero Waste Nation today!


Muhamad Faizal Bin Ettapurath Moiden, Owner & Chef of Haji E-Moiden Food Stall

A 2nd generation hawker since 2005 who is conscious about food wastage and only buy fresh ingredients daily for next day’s sale. He also avoids bulk buying or keeping food products for long periods of time.

Nichol Ng

Nichol Ng, Co-founder of The Food Bank Singapore

She co-founded The Food Bank Singapore to be the prevailing centralised coordinating organisation for all food donations and to play a key role in the reduction of food wastage and food insecurity.

Fabian Liao, Senior Farm Manager of Quan Fa Organic Farm

A 2nd generation farmer who only understood how much hard work goes into growing the food that we see on the table after joining the farming industry.

Elizabeth Ratnam, Homemaker & Grandmother of 3

She educates her children and grandchildren to take only what is enough and not be a part of the ‘throw-away’ culture. She also actively reduces food wastage by cooking only what her family can finish.

Food is a beautiful way for us to express and receive love, especially when it's hard to find the right words.

This short film is a reminder that food is love, and we should not waste it.