YED Volunteer Opportunites

Here are some volunteering opportunities from various organisations that youths can participate in. Seize these opportunities to learn about and contribute to efforts to reduce waste in Singapore. Join us as we work Towards a Zero Waste nation!

Zero Waste SG   ZWSG-logoCompactRVB

ABOUT: Zero Waste SG is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to help Singapore eliminate the concept of waste, and accelerate the shift towards zero waste and the circular economy. It started as a website in 2008 providing tips and resources on waste minimisation and recycling, and is officially registered as a non-governmental organisation on 13 Jul 2015.

Zero Waste SG aims to promote education and engagement on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) among individuals and households; increase waste minimisation and recycling among businesses and organisations; and reduce specific waste.

Roles available: 

1. Student creatives (video editing/creating, content and graphic creation) 

Description: Are you a creative individual interested in sustainability? Volunteer with us to gain exposure on waste issues in Singapore and boost your portfolio at the same time!

2. Outreach training programme (not so much volunteering, but a training programme) 

Description: Have a green project in mind which you want to carry out with the community but not sure how? Join the training programme to gain insights and first-hand experience on the outreach process, while being mentored by ZWSG! Earn a certificate and recommendation letter from us upon completion!

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ABOUT: Swapaholic is a social enterprise devoted to slowing down the fashion industry by providing sustainable consumption outlet for consumers. Swapaholic is also a pre-loved fashion swap programme that encourages consumers to declutter and refresh their wardrobes without hurting our planet or their wallets.

Roles available: 

  1. Create social media content in line with Swapaholic's brand.

  2. Conduct polls that will be published on Swapaholic's blog

  3. Write research-based articles for Swapaholic's blog

  4. Volunteer for our SWAPATHON in September which will be in partnership with EARTHFEST

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ABOUT: UglyFood approaches and establishes relationships with stakeholders such as wholesalers, importers and supermarkets to purchase fresh produce that would otherwise be wasted because they are either in surplus or blemished. They are either sold as their original form as fresh produce or transformed into our delicious and healthy products so as to encourage people to eat healthily while wasting less food. At the same time, we provide education experiences to build awareness of the food industry and ways to reduce food waste, so as to live more sustainably and healthily.

Roles available:

1. Sort and pack of fresh produce
Description: Volunteers will get the first hand experience in witnessing the type of avoidable food waste UglyFood deals with while learning how to differentiate if something blemished is still safe to consume. They will sort through our goods and repack into our customers' grocery orders and into our production raw ingredients.

2. Education Research and Curation
Description: Volunteers are required to do research surrounding food, food waste, sustainability, nutrition, and related topics. They will be required to piece the different information together and possibly weave into an education kit targeted at a specific educational level - eg: pre-school, primary school, etc.

3. UglyFood Ambassadors
Description: Volunteers pitch and kick-start UglyFood initiatives and campaigns within their schools or corporate compounds to give an avenue for their peers to know more about avoidable food waste and be a part of the zero food waste movement. They will get to volunteer at our outreach and pop up events to learn the ropes.

4. UglyFood Facilitators
Description: Volunteers will be trained by the UglyFood team to assist in our workshops ranging from cooking workshops, learning journeys and also pop up restaurants. 

Sign up for opportunities at our link here.  


Green Nudge
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Green nudge logo

ABOUT: Green Nudge is a social enterprise with an environmental focus based in Singapore which works with companies, community groups and schools to achieve a low carbon, zero waste outcome. Besides providing sustainable events consulting services, we also carry out coastal cleanups, workshops, learning journeys as well as visits to green places of interest. In doing so, we want to change the way people create and deal with waste in Singapore.

Roles available:

1. Adhoc Opportunities 

Description: Curious or keen to explore about the environment but unsure what you can do? Keep a lookout for opportunities to participate in once off activities such as Green Up, our educational coastal cleanups; as well as other community initiatives. Suitable for first timers, including individuals or groups of friends!

2. Long Term Opportunities

Description: Keen to explore how to lend your skills such as writing, design or marketing for a good cause? Let us know your available period (min of 3 months) to see how we can work on something together!

For more details, stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages @greennudgesg 

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The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG)

ABOUT: The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) is a registered charity founded by Nichol and Nicholas Ng in January 2012 and was given charity status in August 2012 (UEN: 201200654E). It strives to bridge the gap in the market by collecting surplus food in the market and providing it to organisations and people in need of food. In 2018, it works with a pool of approx. 1,200 volunteers and redistributed over 550 tonnes of food to over 300 beneficiary organisations.

The Food Bank Singapore is looking for environmentally conscious individuals and people motivated to contribute to change for the better. 

We are also looking for people who have some form of experience in Marketing and design, Business and logistics as well as people with a big heart.

Roles available:

1. Long term volunteers to manage supervising at our warehouse
2. Students for 3-4week work attachments
3. Individuals looking for a 2-3 month internship 

Sign up for opportunities at our link here.

Sustainable Living Lab

ABOUT: At Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), we develop innovative solutions for organizations and communities that want to grow sustainably. Through our expertise in innovative thinking toolkits and disruptive technologies, we design solutions that can overcome situational, social, and environmental challenges while maintaining core sustainability goals.

Roles available:

  1. Volunteer with Repair Kopitiam (RK) 

Description: RK is an initiative created to combat the buy and throw away culture, by teaching people from all walks of life to repair their spoilt appliances. 

With a strong focus on community learning, RK also seeks to bring together people from different backgrounds and age groups, where they can learn from each other. Younger participants can lean on the knowledge and experience of their elders, while assisting the older generation to future-proof and adjust for new technologies.

Contact Mr Danny Lim, 林仁智, at for more information

For volunteer opportunities at Repair Kopitiam you may visit

Plastic-Lite Singapore

PLSG_Long Thick Border
ABOUT: Plastic-Lite Singapore is a community and volunteer-based platform started in early September 2016 to inspire and encourage Singaporeans towards a lifestyle where the usage of plastics, particularly single-use plastics, can be minimised.

Roles and resources available:

  1. Let’s Talk Climate is a blog initiative that began in 2020. Written by passionate volunteers, the blog aims to simplify complex environmental news through infographics and descriptive, balanced articles. The blog also aims to empower youths to voice out their concerns and ideas for our climate. Topics could range from the rise of advocacy on issues related to climate change like the human cost of food waste, and a lifestyle based on excessive consumption. Weekly activities also help hone writers' skills and thinking.

  2. Bounce Bags birthed in 2018. As a bag-sharing platform that aims to make reusable bags as convenient as taking a plastic bag, Bounce Bags also encourages a circular flow of current bags in the community. 2019 saw new Bounce bags points at Our Tampines Hub and Heartbeat@Bedok.

  3. We are calling students to submit artworks, of any medium, under the theme of "Rethink, Refuse and Reduce" to have them be compiled into an e-book. School students are welcome to reach out to us for Project collaboration. For example, we are working with a number of Temasek Polytechnic students on an audiobook, a social media campaign and news opinion articles.

  4. We are calling primary and secondary school students to submit artworks , of any medium, or write-ups, under the theme of "Do we really need these?". Students are encouraged to make their entries reflective and personal. Entries will be compiled into an ebook.

    Let’s Talk Climate is a blog that started in 2020. Through writing articles and/or designing infographics, writers simplify complex environmental news for the common Singaporean, together with hosting diverse perspectives. By providing a community for individuals to share their reflections and perspectives about the climate, the blog empowers youths to voice out their concerns and ideas for our climate. 

    School students are also welcome to reach out to us for Project collaboration. We have worked with students on an audiobook, a social media campaign and informative articles and/or graphics.

Call-for-entry (1) Call-for-entry2 (1)

Contact for more information

World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) Singapore


ABOUT: WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations. Its mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. 

WWF-Singapore is a nationally registered organisation and as one of WWF’s international hubs, is part of a global network spanning over 100 countries. It helps protect Singapore’s essential needs through the actions of individuals, businesses and governments in the region. To meet key conservation goals, WWF-Singapore addresses issues such as deforestation, haze pollution, food security, sustainable consumption and illegal wildlife trade.

Roles available: 

Join the WWF Volunteer Facebook group ( and be updated on upcoming volunteering opportunities.

Resources available: 

WWF Choose Nature 

Description: During these tough times, we need more than ever to find ways to connect with each other, focus on what is most important, and inspire hope for the future. The WWF Choose Nature Platform hosts a series of curated videos, hands-on activities and virtual sessions for youth to stay engaged.

Young Reporters for the Environment 

Description: Be a voice of nature and tell stories about the environment! Open to youth from 11 – 25 years old, this national YRE competition encourages investigative reporting and promotes solutions for nature. Want to be updated on the competition details and masterclasses, indicate your interest here

Singapore Environment Council

SEC Corporate Logo - RGB - Horizontal

ABOUT: The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) was established in 1995 as an independently managed, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO). SEC is Singapore’s first NGO to be accredited under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and is a recognised member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN).
We are committed to influencing thinking and driving actions towards environmental sustainability – such as through our green labelling certifications, with the purpose to spur business impact and encourage green consumerism.
SEC also actively engages our community and the youths through programmes such as the annual School Green Awards, and our volunteering initiative, Earth Helpers. We aim to educate and empower our stakeholders to take a proactive role in protecting the environment that we all live, work, study, and play in.

WWF-Singapore is a nationally registered organisation and as one of WWF’s international hubs, is part of a global network spanning over 100 countries. It helps protect Singapore’s essential needs through the actions of individuals, businesses and governments in the region. To meet key conservation goals, WWF-Singapore addresses issues such as deforestation, haze pollution, food security, sustainable consumption and illegal wildlife trade.

Roles available:


i) Earth Helpers

Description: The Earth Helpers programme advocates for environmental volunteerism among the general public and corporations. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and with diverse backgrounds. A variety of projects are available for our Earth Helpers, such as from volunteering your time at SEC’s Training & Education programmes (at trails, workshops and talks) as well as Events – to volunteering your skills to write and design to champion the environmental cause.
You can play your part by joining our Earth Helpers family in raising awareness on the environment, and in creating a better world for our future generations.
Contact to find out more about the programme!