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Youth for the Environment Day (YED) is a key platform to engage the youth to champion environmental ownership by leading, organising and participating in programmes to show their passion and commitment towards global and local environmental issues



Theme – Towards Zero Waste

You can start by taking simple actions to reduce disposables and food waste today! Let us adopt zero waste lifestyle habits together as we work towards Towards a Zero Waste nation!


  • View and share this video titled: “Zero Waste Essentials our Environment Minister Can't Live Without” with your families, friends and colleagues!


    • In this video interview with, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli shares his personal reusable items that have helped him adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and encourages youths to play a part for sustainability through adopting simple zero waste lifestyle habits.

  • Participate in YED 2020 Observance Month (16th July to 21 August 2020) by:

    • Screening of the video “Zero Waste Essentials our Environment Minister Can’t Live Without”;

    • Discussion of key takeaway/learning points from the video interview and;

    • Participation in an activity (quiz, discussion, game etc.) related to the topic(s) of reducing disposables and/or food waste.

  • Apply for the Environment Fund for Schools