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How can my green club support NEA’s YES Programme?

Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Green clubs can support NEA’s YES Programme by organising your own environmental activities and projects, in support of the national Youth for Environmental Sustainability (YES) Programme. These are encouraged to be in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and related to NEA’s topics (e.g. Zero Waste, Recycling, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change). IHLs and Green Clubs can seek usage of the YES logo through NEA’s Point-of-Contact or through this form.


SMU Verts sold tumblers to staff and students to reduce the use of disposable plastic cups. Funds raised were donated to charity. (Photo Credit: SMU Verts)

Promote awareness:

Understand Singapore's context of sustainability (links in resource page), organise initiatives to spread the awareness with fellow students in the campus, in support of the YES Programme

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NUS students studying contamination rates in recycling bins to understand the challenges of recycling. (Photo Credit: NUS)

Promote change in community:

Go beyond the campus, deep-dive into issues (eg. Understanding context such as constraints faced in BYOB, Recycling etc), create and testbed innovative solutions to nudge behavioural changes in a local community, in support of the YES Programme


Students witnessed the impact of littering on the environment, helped to keep the waterways of Kallang clean. (Photo Credit: NP Green Volunteers)

Promote the Youth Corps Leaders Programme- NEA YES Edition to fellow students

Hermal Green Club
14th EcoFriend Award Recipient Hemal Arora sharing on climate change with young students as part of the Solar for East project. (Photo Credit: Hemal Arora)

Engage the younger generation:

Organise Initiatives to engage younger students in schools and encourage actions to tackle environmental issues

IHLs can apply for the Environment Fund for Institutes of Higher Learning (EFIHL) to support your activities.

If you are a youth organisation and have plans to promote environmental sustainability, please feel free to reach us at this form.

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