Past Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Eco Music Challenge!

Our sincere appreciation to all the finalists for putting in much hard work into the song-writing and performances. You are all champions and we hope you continue to practise green habits to protect the Earth and get your friends and family to join in too.

The songs are available for free download here.

EMC Season 5 (2014) Winners

EMC Season 5 Winner:

Michael Kek and Relyne Ban 


1st Runner Up:

Andrew Wang and Christopher Dore

Only Home

2nd Runner Up and Most Popular Song Award:

Boon Hui Lu and Cheong Waii Hoong

1 Step, 2 Step

Young Musician Award:

Wan Wen and the Go Green Girls

Let’s Lend Nature A Hand

EMC Season 4 (2013) Winners

EMC Season 4 Winner:

Enero, Requiem and Sheeq Luna

Mother Nature's Cry

1st Runner Up:

Ariane Goh and Tzire

Make This Dream Alive

2nd Runner Up:

Christiane Mikaela

Lady Earth

EMC Season 3 (2012) Winners

EMC Season 3 Winner:

Shaun Jansen

The World Needs Help

1st Runner Up:

Hiroshi Kondo and Timothy Thomas

Gonna Make It Right

2nd Runner Up:

Chloe Chia and Evan Low

Yours & Mine

EMC Season 2 (2011) Winners

EMC Season 2 Winner:

Lee Fengheng

World Without Fences

1st Runner Up:

Julian Kwok

Love for Planet Earth

2nd Runner Up:

Darren Lee


3rd Runner Up:

Riza Hamizan Mahmod

Change of Tomorrow

4th Runner Up:

Judah Lyne

Set Her Free

EMC Season 1 (2010) Winner

EMC Season 1 Winner:

Kathryn Cheng and Rafaee Mahmood

Heaven on Earth