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Behind every worthwhile action lies an inspiration. Here's why and how several individuals are doing their part, and how you too can make a difference for yourself, your loved ones and our environment. 

Sophia (Etched out) for Advertorial
Sophia Huang: Turn Waste Into Toys

[✓] Share the right values
[✓] Waste less

As a mother of two, Sophia would rather not buy her children toys. Instead, she crafts them using upcycled materials. In a world where we dispose more than we should, learn how Sophia's fresh perspective is helping repurpose our refuse.

Learn more about Sophia's story here.
Wei Jie (Etched out for advertorial)
Lim Wei Jie: A Taste of Passion

[✓] Pursue your passions
[✓] Reduce plastic waste

At Foreword Coffee, founder Wei Jie is serving up more than just coffee with every cup. Discover how his unique business practices to reduce waste are helping to awaken others to better possibilities for our environment.

Learn more about Wei Jie's story here.
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Pei Shan Yeo & Augustine Tan: The Hidden Truth

[√] Discover wholesome recipes

[√] Reduce food waste

We are co-founders of local initiative UglyFood, which rescues blemished, ‘ugly’ fresh produce and encourages people to eat healthy while wasting less food. Together with our team, we strive to maximise the value of food resources, diverting fresh fruits and vegetables from the trash and transforming them into delicious and nutritious products.

Learn more about Pei Shan and Augustine's story here.

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Sumita Thiagarajan: Recipes in Kinship

[√]Build stronger bonds

[√] Less food waste

Since young, Sumita always had a passion for nature and the environment. Today, she has found an avenue to channel her interest from running environmental workshops to conducting nature walks, participating in food rescue sessions organised by SG Food Rescue, and  creating new recipes by rescuing unwanted produce given away by food vendors. Get inspired by Sumita’s story and get on the path to adopting greener habits in our everyday lives.

Learn more about Sumita's story here

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Sofia Khanafie: Full-time Sociology student at NUS

[√]Build stronger bonds

[√]Reduce textile waste

Like many others, Sofia was always refreshing her wardrobe by purchasing new clothes. However, she came to realise that she was often buying more than she needed, leaving most of her items being simply chucked aside in a corner, or worse, thrown away and adding to Singapore’s waste. Today, she is her own creative director – attending clothes-swapping events to exchange her old clothes for pre-loved ones. This means Sofia has to get extra creative with her styling, as she has to work with what she finds. At the end of day, this sustainable habit helps her to reduce waste at the same time.

Learn more about Sofia's story here