Project E.C.O. 2023 Public Health – Secondary School


Project E.C.O. (Educate. Challenge. Organise.)
Public Health Category – Secondary School

St Andrew's Secondary School – Gold Award

The project aimed to achieve an overall improvement in cleanliness of the school toilets. The students conducted interviews with the school cleaners and their peers to gain insights before designing posters with targeted key messages. A sharing was conducted during assembly to reach out to their peers. The students first conducted research on the importance of promoting clean public toilets from a wider public perspective. They then conducted a toilet cleanliness perception survey with their peers. With the information collected, they tailored their campaign to the needs of their peers, raising awareness on the importance of clean school toilets.

Project Team E.C.O introducing themselves to the school

Team Project E.C.O. sharing on the results of the student poll they conducted prior to the assembly.

Their main approach was to first develop a sense of empathy for school cleaners in the students and to encourage students to apply what they have learnt. One noticeable highlight would include the engagement of the whole school in a Kahoot! game and a mass dance, together with the use of social media platforms to increase outreach.

Example of posters created by the team to build a culture of toilet cleanliness in the school.

The school is working with Potong Pasir Community Club and SMRT (Potong Pasir MRT Station) on possible platforms for collaboration (i.e. sharing of posters).

Nan Chiau High School – Silver Award

A group from Nan Chiau High School’s Green Club led a project to raise awareness about dengue prevention in the school and within the community. An exhibition booth was set up with interactive elements and informative posters to educate students and members of the public on preventive measures against dengue. The students carried out community outreach at Sengkang General Hospital’s Clean & Green Day 2023.

A group of students at their booth at Sengkang General Hospital’s Clean & Green Day.

In school, Green Champions were appointed to check for stagnant water outside their classrooms and educate students on proper dengue preventive measures. Educational posters were created by the students and displayed in the school’s premises. Dengue preventive bookmarks were created and distributed during the school’s open house to the public.

Students interacting with member of the public on dengue prevention.

Bookmarks on dengue prevention that were distributed at the exhibition booth.

Serangoon Garden Secondary School– Bronze Award

The Dengue Outreach project carried out by the Earth Club CCA aimed to raise awareness of dengue prevention within the school and community. The students conducted research on dengue and designed posters to spread awareness on the preventive methods.

Students participating in Circle Time activity to share and listen to their peers’ experience with dengue.

Students working in groups to research and ideate on the posters.

To extend the outreach to residents, the students sought Braddell Heights and Serangoon Constituency Offices’ assistance to display the posters within the estates. The project was successful in reminding residents to practise dengue prevention and provided students with an opportunity to hone their engagement skills and creativity.

Posters are displayed in the neighourhood to raise awareness on dengue prevention.