Project E.C.O. 2023 Public Health – Primary School


Project E.C.O. (Educate. Challenge. Organise.)
Public Health Category – Primary School

Unity Primary School – Gold Award

The team embarked on a 6-month project, dedicating their efforts to heighten dengue prevention awareness in both the school and the community, with the aim of reducing dengue cases in the neighbourhood. Executing a two-tier strategy, the team first created a dengue prevention video, involving their school mascot. The video was shared during assembly, and the team reiterated the importance of collective efforts in dengue prevention. Environmental booths were set up during the annual Science & Green Carnival to further engage the school community in dengue prevention and environmental conservation through interactive games, quizzes, and flyers.

Sharing of dengue prevention at assembly.

To extend their reach to the community, the team designed post cards and distributed them to residents during the annual Estate Collection Day. Partnering students from the PCF kindergarten, the team conducted house visits to educate residents on the B-L-O-C-K steps. The project had successfully heightened awareness in the residents to take dengue preventive measures.

Community outreach partnering PCF Kindergarten.

Community outreach with dengue prevention postcards designed by students.

Xishan Primary School – Silver Award

Team “Project E.C.O. Keep Xishan Clean” commenced on a 3-month project to educate their peers on cleanliness. Research included documenting issues caused by littering problems and gathering peer insights through interviews.

Keep Xishan Clean video production.

The ideation resulted in a creative solution: the ‘Keep Xishan Clean’ song and skit, which aimed to encourage peers to maintain cleanliness within the school and community areas. The team created a 7-minute video, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness, proper litter disposal, clearing food remnants, and returning crockery. The video was showcased to Primary 4 students before their Value-In-Action (VIA) litter-picking activity.

Engaging students via the “Keep Xishan Clean”  video.

Litter-picking activity.

Clementi Primary School – Bronze Award 

Student environmental leaders imparted knowledge gained from their participation in Project E.C.O. workshops to the school’s Environmental Club members as well as members of the public.

The project team focused on the topic of dengue prevention, aligned with the P3 Science topic on mosquitoes' life cycle. Noticing the peak dengue period and surge in dengue cases in the 2nd half of 2023, the team kickstarted a project via a two-step approach.

Firstly, engaging their peers via a presentation on dengue prevention, creating an interactive online game booklet and quiz, as well as 3D models of an Aedes mosquito using recycled materials.

Students sharing about dengue prevention with the lower Primary students during their recess

Students hosting online games on dengue prevention during recess.

Secondly, the team distributed dengue preventive flyers to the public at Clementi Market and Food Centre and explained the B-L-O-C-K and S-A-W steps to them.

The outcomes included heightened awareness among students and the community and enhancement of students’ skillset in communications and outreach.

Students sharing about dengue prevention with the public at Clementi Hawker Centre