Project E.C.O. 2023 Environment Protection – Secondary School


Project E.C.O. (Educate. Challenge. Organise.)
Environment Protection Category – Secondary School

Springfield Secondary School – Gold Award

This project aimed to improve the waste management system by improving the knowledge of recycling and waste management among students.

Incorporating the Eco-Hub@Springfield into the canteen as a one-stop recycling point and venue for mini-workshops to engage students on eco-stewardship related activities.

Strategies included setting up an Eco-Hub on school premises (which comprised the recycling bins for plastics, papers, shoes, e-waste, collection of reusable bags), conducting educational programs and holding recycling games. The project used the Design Thinking methodology and conducted research through observations and surveys. The implemented solutions, such as the Eco-Hub and Humanities Week activities, were effective in increasing recycling rates in the school.

As part of the school's inaugural Humanities Week, Secondary 1 Geography students upcycled their Personal Learning Devices packaging boxes to create dioramas of mangroves and tropical rainforests.

Environment Ambassadors and Secondary 2 Normal (Technical) Social Studies students planting their home-grown lettuce and learning about the value of composting.

Clementi Town Secondary School – Silver Award

The Environment Champions organised various initiatives to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. This included observing Earth Hour, where students learned about the importance of conserving energy and combating climate change via activities such as turning off lights and fans when not in use, quizzes and pledges.

Additionally, they also organised an Ang Bao collection drive during Chinese New Year to collect and recycle unused red packets, with the aim of reducing waste. A team of students also participated in the National Youth Upcycling Movement, creating upcycled household storage box and teaching younger students about sustainability.

CTSS_Photo 2
Collection of used and empty red packets which were delivered to the nearest DBS branch for recycling.

Awareness on the importance of environmental sustainability was further promoted in various Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes. For example, a group of students initiated a food drive to collect and donate soon-to-expire food items to Food Bank Singapore.

CTSS_Photo 1
Students conducting a stock take and quality check of the food donated by students during a food collection drive. These were delivered to Food Bank Singapore.


Students came together to design and create upcycled household item using waste materials such as egg carton to create the Upcycled Storage Box. They also promote their idea through hands-on activities for the Primary schools students at the FaithActs community.

Yuan Ching Secondary School – Bronze Award

The school collaborated with Magorium, a company that utilises a proprietary recycling technology, to convert plastic into a sustainable material called NEWBitumen in an environmentally safe way to construct greener roads.

Final collection of all the plastics packed and ready to send to Magorium for creating NEW-Bitumen.

To further promote sustainability and reduce plastic waste, the students organised Weekly Plastic Collection Drive and competition over two months (Aug-Sep 2023) for all classes in school to recycle their plastic waste and earn points to win prizes.

Project E.C.O. Environmental Protection Team sharing during assembly about the importance of recycling plastics.

They also educated their peers on the different types of plastic and how to recycle right. In addition, the school supported the national recycling initiative and placed a Bloobox in each of the classrooms for students to deposit their recyclables.

Project E.C.O. Environmental Protection Team at fifth plastic collection drive.