Project E.C.O. 2023 Environment Protection – Primary School


Project E.C.O. (Educate. Challenge. Organise.)
Environment Protection Category – Primary School

Radin Mas Primary School – Gold Award

The project team members launched several recycling drives in their school, collecting a variety of recyclables such as paper and plastic bottles. These items were then repurposed for the school’s events, e.g. Maker’s corner, Design week, and Mid-Autumn celebration.

Radin Mas Primary School – Gold Award_Environment Science Students
Environmental Science students preparing the used plastic bottles for upcycling.

The project team also initiated an upcycling project where they transformed the bottles collected into planters to grow onions. A booth was set up during the school’s Mid-Autumn celebration to engage their peers with hands-on experiences in creating bottle planters and encouraged them to make their own at home.

Radin Mas Primary School – Gold Award_Mid-Autumn Festival.
Students and teachers at the school’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

The team extended their outreach by partnering with Radin Mas Community Centre to set up a booth during the Grassroots Organisations’ Mid-Autumn celebration. The initiative was well received by residents, and more than 100 plastic bottles were transformed into bottle planters within an hour. Many positive responses were received and residents were keen to replicate the activity at home.

Radin Mas Primary School – Gold Award_Radin Mas Grassroots Organisation
Engaging the community at Radin Mas Grassroots Organisation’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chongzheng Primary School – Silver Award

The project team embarked on a 2-month project to address food waste in their school. The team first conducted a survey on the Student Learning Space (SLS) to gain insights of their peers' eating habits and the food waste situation in school. The members then organised roadshows during recess to achieve broader visibility and impact.

Phone wallpaper designed by the team to remind everyone to stop food waste

Stop Food Waste campaign in school

Understanding that food waste is one of the larger waste streams in Singapore, the team members extended their outreach to the Student Care Centre in Tampines to engage primary school students in the neighbourhood. They further reinforced the 'Hi-Five' pledge which was created to reduce food waste and shared it on the school's Facebook page. As a continuous effort to raise awareness, the team engaged their schoolmates to conduct the ‘Hi-Five’ pledge during the end-of-year school holiday at home with their family members and neighbours through SLS and school’s Facebook page.

Sharing at Student Care Centre

Mee Toh School – Bronze Award

Weekly segregated recycling is an integral part of Mee Toh School’s environmental sustainability efforts. Students brought recyclables from home every Wednesday and sorted them. The project team aimed to further enculturate these practices within the school by raising awareness of recycling right. They focused on items commonly found in the school canteen, e.g. plastic bottles, tetra paks, and aluminum cans, and created a PowerPoint presentation and a 2D animation (FlipaClip) to educate their peers on how to recycle right. The instructional videos were broadcasted to the student population during assembly.

Collected amount of cleaned tetra paks for recycling.

The project team also took up the responsibility of reinforcing proper recycling practices among peers during their recess. The Mee Toh School Green Day featured an assembly session on recycling right and the launch of a recycling project at the school canteen.  All these efforts resulted in good recycling right habits in students and lesser contamination of recyclables collected.

An Environment Champion helping fellow schoolmates to cut the tetra paks so that they could wash the packaging for recycling. This helped to reduce contamination of recyclables as well as increase the amount of recyclables collected during recess.

A Primary 4 Environment Champion on recess duty to help lower primary students to recycle their tetra paks.