South East District


District Programme 1
I’m An Eco Auditor

I’m an Eco Auditor programme aims to empower at least one member in every household in South East district to be the ‘Eco Auditor’ who encourages their family members to embark on a mind-set and behaviour change so as to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Using the family as a concept, the four characters – father, mother, son and daughter – represent four different areas of environmental action which includes energy efficiency, minimising waste, resource conservation and adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

I'm An Eco Auditor

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District Programme 2 
Eco Kepalas @ South East Schools

The programme aims to nurture youths to become environment champions through practical hands-on training in project development to environmental issues. The development of prototypes and execution of campaigns help Kepalas better appreciate and care for the environment they live in, thereby encouraging environmental responsibility and ownership.

DIY Fruit Sanitizer by Anglican High School students


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