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District Programme 1
Budding Greenies @ North West

Budding Greenies @ North West supports Pre-School centres in creating a Green Learning corner to educate preschoolers on environmental conservation. Pre-schools are provided with an annual funding of $800 to create Green Learning Corners and educate pre-school children on good eco habits through story-telling and play activities.

In 2020, CDC officially launched the Budding Greenies @ North West programme with a second edition of ‘Go Green with Betty the Butterfly’ activity book and a teacher’s guidebook for the creation of Green Corners within the pre-schools.

The activity book encourages critical thinking and decision making, and the Green Learning Corners are designed using the learning outcomes of the six topics in the activity book below.

1.       Biodiversity
2.       3Rs
3.       Water
4.       Climate Change and energy
5.       Hygiene and health
6.       Anti-littering and dengue

Creativity is encouraged in the creation of the Green Corners, and each centre’s Green Corner is unique and different. Joint ownership of sustainability is also emphasized where possible, via take-home projects on sustainability that can involve parents and children together.

Budding Greenies 1

Students combining VR technology with sustainability lessons at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yew Tee Blk 690D

Budding Greenies 2
Students learning how to recycle right at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Limbang Blk 543

Budding Greenies 3
Sensorial play stations to educate students on reducing waste and Pulau Semakau’s lack of space at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Zhenghua Blk 620

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District Programme 2 
North West Sustainability Forum

The North West Sustainability Forum is a series of forums that serve as platforms for youths and residents to:

1.       Exchange ideas and network with like-minded individuals
2.       Learn from green changemakers / field experts and gain insights into the green sector
3.       Kickstart Ground-Up Initiatives with the North West GIRAFFE Fund

Subject experts and changemakers within the community are invited as speakers and panellists to share on their experience, global issues and solutions in resolving global Climate Change.

The forums have been conducted virtually for wider outreach and engagement due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.

8 forums have been conducted as of 2021, with 5 ground-up initiatives being inspired by the forums.

Sustainability Forum
Participants and Guest of Honour Minister Grace Fu discussing about the Sustainability Landscape in a Post-Covid World at a North West Sustainability Forum

Sustainability Forum Dialogue

Adviser Mr Liang Eng Hwa and participants in a dialogue on reducing waste

Sustainability Forum Dialogue 3
Encouraging participants to think deeper about sustainability


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