Best Constituency (Merit)


The Best Constituency (Merit) Awards are given to the constituencies that have shown excellence in achieving a high level of participation and programme quality at the national level.

CGS 2021 - Yio Chu Kang

The Grassroots Leaders, Volunteers and YIO Clean & Green Ambassadors have dedicated themselves to encourage residents to take greater ownership of the environment through various programmes. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, these programmes these programmes have reached out to more than 6,000 residents.

Key initiatives: 

  • Origami Food Scrap Box – part of NEA’s Clean Table Campaign that promotes ownership of the cleanliness of hawker centres. This initiative involves placing origami boxes at hawker centres to make it easy for residents to dispose their waste and clean their table after eating. This programme started in December 2020, prior to the official launch of NEA’s Clean Table Campaign in February 2021. Aside from the origami boxes, grassroots leaders conducted bi-weekly outreach programmes at the Hawker Centre at Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4.
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Yio Chu Kang 1 Best Constituency Merit (National)- Yio Chu Kang 2

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CGS 2021 - Nee Soon East

Key Initiatives:

  • Let’s Kayak and Clean Up Khatib Bongsu Together - started in January 2021 and is spearheaded by Adviser, Mr. Louis Ng. It aims to raise awareness that improper disposal of trash pollutes the environment at Khatib Bongsu Nature Park and motivate residents to clean-up the mangrove. Residents are also encouraged to provide suggestions that will improve Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. As a result of this programme, approximately 1,000kg of Marine Debris have been cleared from Khatib Bongsu Nature Park and Seletar Island. 
  • Eco Chinese New Year Decoration Display - organised by Yishun Green Walk Residents’ Network (RN). Together with a group of residents, they used recycled materials to decorate the precinct for Chinese New Year, which created a festive mood while reducing waste.
Let’s Kayak and Clean Up Khatib Bongsu Together
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Nee Soon East 1 Best Constituency Merit (National)- Nee Soon East 2 

Eco Chinese New Year Decoration Display
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Nee Soon East 3


 green line dividerCGS 2021 - Moulmein-Cairnhill

Key initiatives:

  • Moulmein-Cairnhill Go Green Hackathon 2021 - aimed to attract youthful and responsible minds to create sustainable and innovative solutions that will create a greener, more environmentally conscious Singapore. The hackathon was publicised extensively on social media and received a diverse group of participants. These participants presented ideas that address issues such as food waste and e-waste disposal.
  • Do the Mozzie Wipeout & Keep MoCa Clean initiatives - engaged residents and GRLs on checking and preventing potential mosquito breeding sites. The Taskforce members also disseminated campaign information and relevant articles to NCs, RCs and residents via social media platforms.
Moulmein-Cairnhill Go Green Hackathon 2021
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Moulmein-Cairnhill 1

Do the Mozzie Wipeout & Keep MoCa Clean initiatives
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Moulmein-Cairnhill 2 Best Constituency Merit (National)- Moulmein-Cairnhill 3

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CGS 2021 - Potong Pasir

Potong Pasir Grassroots Organisations is committed to collaborating with community partners to implement programmes that are aligned with the Clean and Green Awards objectives. To support the Clean and Green Singapore initiative, Potong Pasir organised programmes from April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

Key initiatives:

  • ‘Do the Mozzie Wipeout’ - a programme launched during the dengue outbreak that promotes dengue awareness and prevention.
  • Cash for Trash - a programme organised by 4 RCs and the Residents’ Network that supports Zero Waste Initiatives by promoting 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).Residents were incentivised to recycle their waste instead of discarding them. 
  • Grassroots Social Distancing Ambassadors (SDAs) Patrols - Potong Pasir Grassroots leaders volunteered as SDAs and conducted weekly patrols to educate residents about the SMM guidelines, and ensure residents adhere to these guidelines.
  • Love Potong Pasir, Recycle, Refurbish, Reuse - a programme jointly organised by Potong Pasir CCC, Calvary Community Care and Protoprex Limited Partnership to refurbish donated bicycles and gift these restored bicycles to residents in need.
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Potong Pasir 1 Best Constituency Merit (National)- Potong Pasir 2 
Best Constituency Merit (National)- Potong Pasir 3

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CGS 2021 - Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah rolled out various flagship programmes to support the Clean and Green Singapore Initiative.

Key initiatives:

  • The Upcycled Décor transformation of Bukit Timah Truss Bridge - a two-step process involving 30 grassroots leaders and 70 residents. First, residents and volunteers picked up litter around their neighbourhood through the BIN-IT @ Bukit Timah initiative. The litter (e.g. used plastic bags, bottles and straws) was then upcycled and transformed into lanterns and flowers which were used to decorate the Bukit Timah Truss Bridge.

    This initiative brought festive cheer to the residents in the area. More importantly, this initiative motivated residents to take ownership of their estate and keep it clean.

  • Dengue Prevention - Bukit Timah had large dengue clusters in the private estates earlier on. The division supported NEA in the drone inspection of roof gutters in the estates. Grassroots leaders and volunteers also engaged approximately 3,000 households through an outreach campaign. All these efforts contributed towards eradicating dengue clusters in the estates.
  • PAWsitive Norms Campaign - an initiative that promotes responsible dog-walking. This initiative increased neighbourliness and reduced complaints and conflicts relating to dog poo.

Best Constituency Merit (National)- Bukit Timah 1 Best Constituency Merit (National)- Bukit Timah 2