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Clean and Green Singapore Awards 2021 

The Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Awards recognises grassroots organisations for their efforts in achieving environmental goals in the areas of public hygiene and cleanliness, energy efficiency and resource conservation.  

The recipients were selected by a panel of judges comprising senior representatives from NEA’s key environmental partners such as the Public Hygiene Council, People’s Association, and the National Youth Achievement Award Council.

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Community in Bloom Ambassadors Awards 2021

NParks’ Community in Bloom (CIB) programme aims to promote a gardening culture as people of diverse backgrounds come together and share their love for gardening. It is part of a larger effort to bring greenery and nature closer to their living and working environment as the community work towards achieving the vision of ‘City in Nature’.

Ambassadors were selected by a panel of judges comprising representatives from the National Parks Board (NParks), People’s Association (PA), National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and the Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

The following 6 ambassadors have been appointed in 2021 as part of Clean and Green Singapore celebrations : Click on this link to find out more about our newly appointed ambassadors!


- Angie Wong Chiew Shiar - Norasikin Bte Supelan
- Joanora Ng Siew Lan - Kevin Tan
- Joshua Liang - Prakash Jethwa