North West District


District Programme 1
Clean Toilets @ North West

Clean Toilets @ North West is an initiative by the North West Community Development Council (CDC) to transform public toilet culture in the district in order to encourage better toilet hygiene standards and improve safety for the elderly.

Clean Toilets @ North West, is a culmination of the co-creation efforts of 3P (people, private and public) sectors to make public toilets cleaner and safer for elderly and children. The design and maintenance guidelines have been developed by partner organisations - Fuyuan Canshi Coffeeshop, Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte Ltd, Rigel Technology (S) Pte Ltd, Hafary Pte Ltd and EcoPlus Manufacturing Pte Ltd. Singapore Kindness Movement also implemented a kindness campaign tailored to show consideration and improve toilet usage habits.

A Clean Toilet Model was unveiled on 20 January 2020 to kickstart the initiative. The fully operational toilet, constructed based on a set of curated guidelines for toilet design, maintenance and usage, incorporates features which keep the toilet façade and facilities clean, and provide ease of maintenance. Find out more: 


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District Programme 2 
Recycle @ North West / Jumbo Recycling Tote Bag

Recycle @ North West aims to educate and encourage active recycling among residents in the North West District. At each recycling point located within the residential estates, our green volunteers will share with residents on the importance of reducing and reusing, as well as proper recycling practices. Residents will get hands-on experiential learning by being involved in sorting the recyclables. In the process, families and neighbours at the monthly recycling points will be able to bond as well.

To complement the Recycle @ North West initiative, a compartmentalised Jumbo Recycling Tote Bag was launched to encourage residents to start Active Recycling at home. With its capability to hold up to 12kg of recyclables, residents can accumulate their recyclables within its three separate compartments for cans, paper and plastic. Thereafter, residents are encouraged to bring their filled recycling bags to the recycling point to sort recyclables alongside volunteers and neighbours.

Find out more about the initiative at: 


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