Central Singapore District


District Programme 1
Project Earth

Project Earth is a 3Rs project co-organised by NEA, CS CDC and supported by 800 Super, Sembwaste, and key grassroots organisations. This project strives to raise visibility and awareness of recycling practices whilst fostering strong community bonding through the mobilization of residents for recycling initiatives.


Since the project’s inception in 2009, the recycling events have become a way of life for neighbours and volunteers to come together and share good recycling practices. In addition, grassroots volunteers take this opportunity to spread “Recycle Right” messages through exhibits and games. 


Together with external partners such as National Library Board and Starhub Singapore, the programme also promotes waste reduction by book exchange and e-waste recycling. RENEW bin, an e-waste recycling bin in partnership with Starhub can be seen in almost all the CCs in Central Singapore.
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District Programme 2 
I'm an Eco-Knight!

I’m an Eco-Knight! aims to instil good environmental practices among pre-schoolers and encourage them to take ownership in protecting the environment. The programme comprises of a show and tell session on 5 environmental topics; students are then provided with activity booklets to reinforce the information taught during the talk.


Activity cards containing environmentally friendly tasks are given out after to pre-school teachers to enable them to continue to engage their students in environmental topics. This ensures a continuous engagement with the pre-schoolers even after the educational talk has been conducted.

On completion of the relevant tasks in the activity booklets, students will be awarded with certificates and badges. Through these activities, we hope the students can become little environment ambassadors and help spread environmentally friendly practices within their home sphere as well.
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*Photos shown taken before Circuit Breaker period

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