Best Constituency (Commendation) Awards

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The Best Constituency (Commendation) Awards are given to the constituencies that have shown commendable efforts in achieving a high level of participation and programme quality at the national level.


Dengue Prevention Campaign @ Eunos – this is an initiative led by Eunos Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC), with the support of Eunos Grassroots Organisations, in an effort to actively promote dengue prevention messages to the community. The grassroots designed a dengue prevention flyer and distributed them to residents within Eunos during house visits. This had provided a more personalised touch for the residents and built a sense of ownership within the community.

Following the staggering number of dengue cases, Eunos grassroots had also adopted the use of social media and WhatsApp to spread dengue prevention messaging. The Eunos Facebook page also shared information from NEA’s page and highlighted the current dengue situation in Eunos. Residents would be informed through Eunos’ WhatsApp Chatgroup in the event of a large dengue outbreak. This has helped to complement the on-going house visits conducted, which required intensive coordination and manpower to walk the ground. This has also helped to reach out to residents who might not be at home when the house visits were conducted.


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Grassroots and volunteers have demonstrated strong environmental ownership and are dedicated to heighten environmental awareness among residents.

Project EARTH – The project aims to raise visibility and awareness of recycling practices whilst fostering strong community bonding through the mobilisation of residents for recycling initiatives. Kreta Ayer – Kim Seng Division has worked together with all the 9 RCs in the division and achieved a tonnage of more than 12,000 kg of recyclables collected from 5th January 2020 to 18th January 2020. In its third year of organising this initiative, 8 recycling drives were successfully implemented across Kreta Ayer – Kim Seng Division. The regular recycling drives serve as a platform for residents to get together and work towards achieving a zero-waste nation as a community. The grassroots have also demonstrated strong support towards educating the residents on the importance of recycling and effects of climate change.

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Nee Soon East launched a Nee Soon East Zero Waste Masterplan with the goal of drastically reducing waste in the form of plastic, paper, food and carbon emissions in April 2019. The division partnered and worked closely with businesses and government entities. These include People’s Association HQ, where the division introduced Melamine Crockery vendors onboard the Demand Aggregate listing to make sustainable alternatives more cost effective. The division also collaborates with Project Sew and Sembawang Family Centre to upcycle old banners into everyday useful items such as reusable bags. 

To combat food waste, Nee Soon East Youth Network created a Telegram group where residents can share information on excess food left over at events. To date, Nee Soon East Division has saved 30,842 disposables (single-use plates, forks, spoons, etc.) since the launch of the Zero Waste Masterplan. The programme saw many positive feedback and more residents bringing their reusable containers and utensils to grassroots events.

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Masks Sewn with Love (MSWL) is an innovative project which sprang from an initiative in the Punggol West division, where volunteers – guided by a home-based sewing studio founder – made 300 masks for children from vulnerable families. The initiative first began with 35 volunteers in Punggol West who wanted to make masks for children during the nationwide mask distribution exercise in February 2020, and the initiative has since gone on to inspire almost the whole nation to be onboard. These eco-friendly, reusable masks were made from donated sewing machines and donated cloths.


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Taman Jurong Division has demonstrated strong environmental ownership in promoting both environmental protection and public health awareness amongst the community. Some key initiative include the annual Dengue Prevention Outreach @ Taman Jurong, which was organised by Taman Jurong C2E to spread dengue prevention awareness within the community and the annual Taman Jurong Recycling and Textbook & Storybook Recycling Projects which is driven by the youths in Taman Jurong CC Youth Executive Committee. The projects encourage the spirit of re-using and recycling within the community while benefiting low-income households.


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Woodlands Division embarked on the programme to reduce plastic waste by eliminating bottled water bottles at grassroots events, activities and meetings. Water dispensers were used at events instead and residents were encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles, thus avoiding the usage of 55,100 bottled water bottles from March 2019 to April 2020. To drive and cultivate the habit of using reusable water bottles at outdoor activities, the Grassroots Organisations issued 12,000 reusable water bottles to households in 7 Woodlands Residents Networks as part of the National Day programme.


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Yew Tee has shown dedication in promoting a clean and green environment by implementing various environmental initiatives that promote public health and environmental protection to actively engage residents. One example is the annual flagship event in Yew Tee Division - Yew Tee Day 2019 which saw collection of recyclables such as paper, aluminum tins and plastics in a fun and interactive carnival setting. Residents can exchange recyclables for a game or a haircut. Yew Tee Division also partnered stakeholders such as Yew Tee Primary School, Unity Primary School, Unity Secondary School, Gain City, Warriors FC and Millenia Institute to participate to create greater awareness of this initiative among the community. About 2,000kg of newspaper were collected from the event.


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