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About NEA Volunteer Corps

Protecting the environment and upkeeping good public health and hygiene is the responsibility of everyone in the community. As individuals, we can all do this by first personally adopting environmentally friendly lifestyle habits, as well as good personal hygiene practices.

As part of the NEA Volunteer Corps, you can go a step further, by helping everyone around us become much more aware of this shared responsibility. You can play a big part in guiding others to do their part, so that collectively, we can all continue to enjoy a Clean & Green Singapore.

Volunteer opportunities offered by the NEA Volunteer Corps include public outreach deployments to promote dengue prevention, a litter-free Singapore, clean public toilets, reducing waste and recycling, conducting patrols to engage environmental offenders, and auditing your own residential estate’s cleanliness.

Join the NEA Volunteer Corps and make a difference today! Read on to find out more!


To lead by example and inspire others to practice good public health and hygiene, as well as lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle


A clean, green and sustainable environment for Singapore, supported by a community of active volunteers

Celebrating our volunteers’ contributions

The annual NEA Volunteer Corps Awards recognises and honours the commitment and dedication of our volunteers.

Recipients of the NEA Volunteer Corps Awards 2022

Here are some of our volunteers’ stories:

CA Suan Eng

Suan Eng (1st from right) sharing her estate cleanliness observations with NEA officer

Ms Ng Suan Eng

Ms Ng Suan Eng joined the Community Auditors Programme in 2022. As a community auditor, she ensures that her estate is well-maintained and shares her observations with NEA to ensure that estate cleanliness issues are addressed in a timely manner. Suan Eng believes that everyone should do their part in ensuring the cleanliness of the environment and will personally approach people to gently remind them to keep the environment clean.

CV Susan

Susan (3rd from right) leading a team of CVs to conduct environment patrols

Ms Susan Teo

Ms Susan Teo has volunteered as a Community Volunteer (CV) since 2016 to encourage members of the public to have greater ownership of the environment. She hopes to build a socially responsible society by educating environmental offenders. Susan has also been appointed as a Community Volunteer Lead, leading a team of CVs to conduct patrols and outreach at various locations to address environmental issues such as littering and smoking.

SGA Rama
Ramachandran (2nd from right) leading a team of SG Clean Ambassadors for outreach activity

Mr Mathiyazhagan Ramachandran

Mr Mathiyazhagan Ramachandran joined the SG Clean Ambassador Network in August 2020 to help drive awareness on the SG Clean movement, and promote social norms to keep Singapore Clean. Since then, he has also participated in other campaigns to help raise awareness on various public health and environmental protection messages within the community. Ramachandran has also been appointed as a Volunteer Leader, leading a team of SG Clean Ambassadors to conduct outreach at various hawker centres and transport hubs.

Find out more about the various volunteer roles available and thevolunteer journey.

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