The following guide is prepared to provide guidance to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the use of the Clean & Green Singapore Website – www.cgs.gov.sg:


What is the website about?

Website aims to inspire Singaporeans to care for and protect our common spaces and environment by adopting a clean, green and sustainable lifestyle. Each of us can shape our neighbourhoods and together we can build a more gracious society through green practices and championing a sustainable way of life. (Details also available at link ‘About Us’, https://www.cgs.gov.sg/about-us.)


Where can I get more information on CGS Events?

The CGS Calendar is provide at link ‘Events’ (https://www.cgs.gov.sg/events). The various events will be displayed when you mouse-over the highlighted dates on the calendar dates. Click on the choice of your events to read more details.


Where can I find out about the CGS Awards?

The CGS Awards’ results are available at link ‘CGS Awards’ (https://www.cgs.gov.sg/news-awards). Click on the respective boxes to find out more.


Where can I find CGS related programmes?

CGS related programmes are located under ‘Programmes’ (https://www.cgs.gov.sg/programmes). The various programmes are contained in each cluster of subpages or within the CGS Website or are linked to external sites.


Where do I download useful CGS information?

CGS website provides an array of information, like movie clips, pdf posters and e-booklets etc, for public information and use. They are made available for downloads at link ‘Resources’ (https://www.cgs.gov.sg/resources). You can easily locate the required resources by using the provided filter. Simply indicate required topic, media type and audience type to begin your filtering.


How can I volunteer with NEA on your environmental works?

‘Volunteer’ with us at www.cgs.gov.sg/volunteer. Read on what current volunteers say about the volunteerism and fill in the form to be registered as one.


How do I communicate NEA if I have other concern(s)?

Contact details are provided on every page end. Please refer to them for your preferred mode to communicate.