Marsiling Primary School


Marsiling Primary School

“Having received the President’s Award for the Environment in 2016, we were excited to spread the green message beyond our school and help other schools start their own environmental journey. This led to the inception of the inaugural Green Symposium @ MPS in 2017.”

Miss Cheryl Chee, Principal of Marsiling Primary School (2021)

One of the most significant projects that Marsiling Primary School has is the biannual Green Symposium. It was hosted for the third time this year. Held virtually, the Green Symposium garnered the participation of 35 schools and 169 participants. The initiatives and programmes that the school had been practicing were shared with the participants, together with an insightful talk by Mr Anton Ngui, Chairman of Future Alam Borneo, an environmental NGO based in Sandakan on the east coast of the state of SABAH, Malaysian Borneo. His talk gave the participants a peek into the environmental issues and efforts in other places in the world. During the symposium, students learnt how to use the Design Thinking Process to help them tackle existing issues they have in their schools, while educators learnt how to make use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools to facilitate the Design Thinking Process for the students. The school also cooperated with educators from various schools to make resources available for their students on Student’s Learning Space (SLS).

Marsiling Primary School strongly believes that all students can be green citizens and good leaders. Therefore, they have different types of projects in the school such as the Green Citizenship Challenge where students of all levels are encouraged to take part.

The school hopes that their students are passionate about protecting the environment by the end 6 years in the school and go out to make the world a greener, better place to live in.

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