National Junior College


The Greenlink Club at National Junior College ran 2 environmental programmes in 2019:
1. Vermicomposting programme - focused on refining the school's gardening practices for sustainability
2. Agriculture Technology Research programme - focused on sustainable food farming methods

To raise awareness on vermicomposting and encourage greener gardening practices, the school conducted workshops for other schools and members of the public, where participants can make their own DIY worm farms to produce worm tea fertiliser to be used in their own gardens. They also conducted a sharing session at Tiong Bahru Community Centre where children could participate in activities that allowed them to learn more about vermicomposting. The school also involved their international exchange students from Taiwan as they tried their hands at vermicomposting.



The students embarked on a research project to find out if feeding the worms various combinations of food waste would produce fertilisers that could promote faster and healthier growth in plants. They controlled the type of food waste placed in their worm factory farms and conducted tests on the worm tea fertilisers collected from each farm.

An Agri-Tech farm was also set up in collaboration with food technology company Life3 Biotech and the Singapore Food Agency to further study ways to speed up the growth of crops for more sustainable food production processes. Students and researchers from local and overseas institutions can use the facility to conduct their research on newer and more environmentally friendly methods of food production.


*Photos shown taken before Circuit Breaker period

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