Money Saving Tips (CNY)

Chinese New Year goodies are delicious! But a lot goes to waste because of improper storage.
For example, leaving jars of festive cookies open when guests come to visit results in the cookies going soft and becoming unappetising.
Make your CNY goodies last longer with our cheat sheet!
FWR Money Saving Tips-Cheat Sheet

Shop Smart

How often do we throw out food items because they have expired or gone bad? Let’s avoid food wastage by planning our purchases and shopping smartly!

Here are some quick tips to prevent wastage when shopping:

Check your kitchen before going grocery shopping.

This prevents duplicate purchases.

Plan your purchases ahead.

Make a shopping list and keep to it. Better yet, plan your meals for the coming week and buy only what you need to create them.

Avoid buying perishable foods in large quantities.

These include dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Refrain from buying food items in bulk

The food will go to waste if they cannot be fully utilised before expiry. 


Let's buy only what we need. 

Learn more tips to reduce food wastage and save money from this handy guide.