Cater in the right quantities.

Nothing marks a celebration like a good meal.  Be a wise host by knowing just how much to serve without wasting food.

Practise some of these tips to prevent wastage when catering food for an occasion:

Provide just enough. 

Downsize the portions of each dish if you are planning to serve a variety of dishes.

Know what your guests are bringing.

Potluck meals should be carefully planned. Ask your guests the type and quantity of food that they're bringing.

Cater for less than the actual number of guests.

When catering for an event, it’s usually safe to order for 10% to 15% less than the number of guests attending.

Keep it neat.

Encourage your guests to not leave any scraps on their plates. It makes cleaning easier and minimises food wastage.


Let’s avoid catering in excess.

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